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Terms & Conditions


Selfdrive rent

Minimum Age:
The minimum age for Economy, Compact and Middle class cars is 21 year. The minimum age for Business, Premium or VIP class cars is 23 years. Driving experience should no less than 2 years.

Rental period:
Minimum rental period - 24 hours (1 day). Mileage is limited and consist 300 km per one day. Mileage calculated in total for whole rental period. Additional charges applies in case of mileage exceeding for each 100 km in amount of:

Economy, Compact and Middle class cars - 10,00 USD/100 km

Business and Minivans class cars - 20,00 USD/100 km

SUV - 30,00 USD/100 km

Premium and VIP class cars - 50,00 USD/100 km


Forbidden territory to drive to:

Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


Car driving out of Kiev:
No additional fees/deposit required for car driving out of Kiev.

Cross Border Rental: 
Driving outside Ukraine is not allowed. 


Necessary documents for car rental:

 Passport and valid international driving license 


Payment information:

Cash (USD, EUR, UAH) or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard)

Selfdrive car rental rates include maintenance of the vehicle, CACSO and Third Part Liability Insurance, VAT. Standard Daily Rates are for 24 hours from start of rental. If a daily rental period is exceeded by more than 2 hours, another full day will be charged. Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Long-term rental:
EasyCarsRent  provides the services of long-term rental (one month and longer periods) for the special prices. For more detailed information, please, call to EasyCarsRent office +38067 401 46 76 or Email info@easycarsrent.com

Delivery/Collection fees:

Delivery/collection of a car during working hours (Mon-Sat, from 10:00 to 19:00) fees are:

 EasyCarsRent office - free of charge

 Delivery/collection of a car to any address within Kiev City limits - 10,00 USD

 Delivery/collection of a car to Boryspil Airport or Zhulyany Airport (Kiev) - 15,00 USD

 Delivery/collection of a car outside of Kiev City limits - from 30,00 USD

Delivery/collection of a car during non working hours (Mon-Sat, from 19:00 to 10:00, Sunday) fees are:

 EasyCarsRent office - 15,00 USD

 Delivery/collection of a car to any address within Kiev City limits - 25,00 USD

 Delivery/collection of a car to Boryspil Airport or Zhulyany Airport (Kiev) - 30,00 USD

 Delivery/collection of a car outside of Kiev City limits - from 45,00 USD


Delivery/Collection to other cities of Ukraine:

Car can be delivered or collected to/from other cities of Ukraine on request.Delivery or collection of a car to other cities of Ukraine calculates individually.

Additional driver:
In case of any additional driver, the driver’s license and passport should be enclosed for inserting in the Rental Agreement. One additional driver is free of charge the second driver charge is 5 USD per day, but not more then 50 USD for whole rental period.

Extra Services:
GPS Navigation charge is 3 USD per day, but not more then 30 USD for whole rental period. Baby car seat charge is 3 USD per day, but not more then 30 USD for whole rental period. During winter months all cars are equipped with winter tires.

Gasoline/Car wash:
Please, use A-95 gasoline only. If a vehicle is returned with less gasoline than mentioned in the Rental Agreement, the Renter will be charged for refueling service of 1,5 USD per liter. The Renter is fully liable for the damage of the rented car caused by usage of other type of gasoline.

The Renter receive the vehicle in clean condition. Renter is obliged to return the vehicle in clean condition or pay for a car wash in accordance with the rates on car wash at the time of car delivery.

Car Replacement:
EasyCarsRent offers brand new cars with low mileage and under constant technical control. In case of possible damage of the car, the Renter is authorized to undertake necessary actions to repair the vehicle at the closest repair shops recommended and confirmed with EasyCarsRent representative. EasyCarsRent Company leaves the right to replace broken vehicle for the same standard vehicle upon availability.

Deposit amount for the vehicle taken for rental period depends on vehicle category. The deposit amount will be blocked on Renter’s Credit card or might be paid by cash and will be unblocked or returned after vehicle returning if the Renter complies with the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.

Liability of Renter:
The renter is held financially responsible in case if rented vehicle or its parts are damaged, lost or stolen even when not at his fault. The Renter is fully liable for the damages of tires, wheels, vehicle’s underbody, and also for all traffic rules violations committed while using a car. For more details, please refer to your Rental Agreement.

Actions in case of accident:
If the accident has happened (any accident or damage, physical or material damage is caused to other persons while using the vehicle, loss or theft of the rented vehicle or its parts) the Renter must call Police immediately and inform the representative of EasyCarsRent. The Renter should present EasyCarsRent office the official accident report from the police about accident within 24 hours. Attention!!! In case of any accident of the EasyCarsRent vehicle, please, bring the official accident report from police; otherwise the Renter is fully liable for the vehicle damages.

Chauffeur Service

The Renter pays 100% of estimated car rental hours. The rental fee depends on the conditions (city, highway, off-road, winter, summer, etc.), distance and time of the vehicle use. Renter pays extra drivers residence/food in case of rent more than 12 hours out of Kiev city.

Chauffeur Service rates include the cost of fuel, technical liquids etc., as well as fees for management and technical operation of the vehicle related to ensuring its proper and safe use in accordance with the purposes of the Rental Agreement.

Minimum rental period:
Sunday - Thursday – 3 hours (including of car delivery)
Friday - Saturday - 5 hours (including of car delivery)

Minimum Age:
Minimum age of Renter - 16 years.

Duties of driver:
Deliver the car to the Customer strictly on time. The car must be clean (both outside and inside) filled with the necessary quantity of fuel to fulfill the order and technically operable. The driver is obliged to observe traffic rules and speed limits.

The Renters could be insured upon request. Insurance is subject for extra charges, which are depending on Tenants requirements. Insurance may cover desired subject according the insurance’s terms and conditions.

In case of damage of vehicle parts or property during the rental period the Lessee reimburse to Lessor fee in sum of caused damages. Smoking and drinking alcohol in their vehicles is strictly prohibited. Renter may not demand from the driver's traffic violations and speeding.

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